Technical requirements

Technical requirements

Mantreo is a Cloud application, available from a web browser. Therefore, the technical requirements do not apply to the operating system used by the user (our clients use Windows as well as Linux or Mac OS), but only the web browser and Internet access.

The full list of requirements and recommendations is provided below.

Minimum system requirements

  • web browser (preferably Google Chrome or Firefox) - in the latest version available,
  • access to the Internet.

Recommended system and procedural requirements

  • access to a backup Internet connection (e.g. LTE),
  • anti-virus software (frequently updated),
  • firewall software (frequently updated),
  • frequent operating system and software updates,
  • using long passwords not containing popular phrases, names and dates,
  • not sharing application login data with other users,
  • not using the login data remembering function in your web browser,
  • locking the login to the operating system with a password,
  • locking the computer when leaving it unattended.
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