We are aware that our clients use numerous other systems. Mantreo has been created as a comprehensive solution, but its use does not preclude the possibility of staying with existing solutions or importing data collected so far.

Integration with mail servers

Most translation agencies use email to contact clients and contractors. That is why Mantreo enables full integration with email accounts of all providers, using universal SMTP and IMAP protocols.

Mantreo recognizes messages from clients from the database, as well as automatically assigns messages to relevant projects and saves the uploaded files (without having to save them on the disk). Thanks to the function of archiving and displaying only unread emails, you will keep the order as you like.

In Mantreo you can:

  • send messages from your email address (to see sent messages, go to the "Sent" folder and you can view them on other devices),
  • download messages from your email address and from company addresses (such as "office", "contact", "pricing"),
  • decide which employees have access to which email boxes,
  • create a project from every email you receive in one click,
  • respond to messages without leaving Mantreo (it does not matter if the message is about the translation project or not),
  • manage message templates and individual footers for each user - better and more efficient than in an email client.

We work with all mail systems using universal protocols. Here are examples of service providers used by our clients:

  • Gmail,
  • Office 365,
  • Outlook,
  • Onet,
  • Interia,
  • Wirtualna Polska.

Working with accounting programs

Accounting is an important aspect of running a translation agency, which is why we enable our clients who keep their accounts in popular cloud applications to continue using these solutions.

The integration of accounting systems means that all invoices issued in Mantreo are also visible in the integrated system and available there for further processing - keeping the numbering, appearance of documents and all company data.

We are currently working with the following systems:

Data import

The client and translator data collected so far can be easily imported into Mantreo from two sources:

  1. From a spreadsheet - just download the template available in the program, fill it with data and upload it again. In a few moments the entries will be in your database. This way it is possible to import client and translator data as well as the office's price list.
  2. From TOP Manager application - after exporting the data (the instruction can be found in Mantreo) you should upload it to Mantreo, which will immediately process and place the entries in your database. This way you can import client data, contact persons and translators.

Custom and individual import

You do not want to fill in the spreadsheets or you have the data in a different format? We will help you!

Please contact our Support Team for information on how to securely share your data with us, and we will import it for you for free!

Elevate your translation agency to a higher level of project management

Elevate your translation agency to a higher level of project management

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