Security is a process, not a state

Every day we take care of the security of the data entrusted to us

In Mantreo, we take a responsible approach to user data security. We do not review, copy, distribute, share or resell any information entered by our clients into the program. Your databases are your exclusive property.

Server room security

Our servers are located in the server rooms of one of the largest and best known service providers of this type - Amazon Web Services. By locating redundant services in three different geographical locations, this operator provides us with a level of availability not achievable by other service providers. At the same time, all servers are located in Europe, so your data does not leave the European Union and is protected by EU law.

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted at every stage. Starting from the encrypted connection between the browser on your computer and our servers, which is guaranteed by a 2048-bit SSL certificate (as in the case of bank accounts with Internet access), through the encrypted disks on the servers (in case of physical hacking and removal of data disks it is impossible to read them), to the encrypted databases and their backups. Also, the communication between individual services inside the server room is encrypted with 2048-bit keys. Mantreo as well as data is not available for Google and other search engines.

Physical security and firewall

In our server network, each of the services works in a separate subnet - application servers, databases, data storage services - use their own addresses and, above all, have their own hardware firewalls allowing communication only within the designated scope and from a specific source. Also, at the level of individual servers we filter traffic with hardware firewalls, which is the second level of security. The third one is a programmatic firewall that prevents typical attacks from suspicious sources.


The data stored in the Mantreo application is systematically copied to specialized cluster servers from where, after a period of inactivity, it goes to a tape backup, which guarantees the possibility to recover your data for a long time and the data from the system will not be lost even in case of a natural disaster of continental range.

This distinguishes us from programs installed on computer disks - in Mantreo a hard disk failure or a computer virus does not cause data loss.

24/7/365 protection

Our server room is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Amazon's and Mantreo's administrators. Thanks to automation of failover and data recovery processes, in case of any incidents the reaction is immediate.

Mantreo is built and maintained using Amazon Web Services cloud computing

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